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Working in a foreign country for a limited or long-term period of time is increasingly common. France, Spain, Italy and Greece host more and more foreign professionals and workers, among others in the health, construction, maritime industries, but also increasingly in the tourism and holidays sector. Contact our specialized workplace accident lawyers.

Legal Abroad: Providing Integral Legal Support for Victims of Workplace Accidents and Work-related Illnesses

Expertise in Plaintiff Cross-Border Litigation

Legal Abroad is a consortium of prestigious European Law Firms that specialize in plaintiff cross-border litigation. We extend comprehensive assistance and representation to victims of accidents that occur within our jurisdictions, specifically Spain, France, Greece, and Italy. Our range of services includes incidents that happen during holiday trips or business visits.

With globalization and interconnectivity at an all-time high, working abroad, either for a limited or long-term period, is increasingly common. Countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and Greece, see an influx of foreign professionals and workers, particularly in sectors such as health, construction, maritime industries, and more recently, tourism and holidays.

Accidents and Illnesses: An Unfortunate Consequence

Workplace Accidents

Workplaces, regardless of their nature, are not exempt from the risk of accidents. Injuries or disabilities, and sometimes even death, can result from these unfortunate incidents. These circumstances may entitle victims, their families, or their home-country employers to claim compensation for their derived damages.

Work-related Illnesses

Work-related illnesses or health damage can stem from exposure to various factors related to the work environment. Examples include asbestos, toxic substances, dangerous viruses, excessive noise, extreme temperature conditions, and even psychological damage caused by excessively stressful work conditions.

Legal Jurisdiction and The Need for Local Representation

Unless the victim’s employment contract specifies otherwise or the case falls under specific rules, the workplace’s domestic labor and conflict laws will usually apply to the claims of victims. Even where European or International treaties and regulations apply, local law issues will inevitably arise. It’s the domestic courts of the workplace that typically have jurisdiction over claims for damages. Thus, victims, their families, or employers will need to seek legal advice and support in the country where the work-related incident occurred.

LegalAbroad: Your Expert Legal Support

LegalAbroad provides expert legal support in such matters, both undertaking to pursue the claim in the workplace jurisdiction and advising on local law, health and safety regulations, international treaties, and rules that may apply. Our services also include the evaluation of damages and provision of expert services, if required.

Representation in Criminal and Administrative Proceedings

Moreover, LegalAbroad can assist in the representation of the victim, their family, or the victim’s employer in criminal and administrative investigations and proceedings. These may be initiated ex officio by the local authorities in relation to the incident.

Matters Concerning Employment Contracts and Law

The members of LegalAbroad are well-equipped to handle matters concerning employment contracts and law within our jurisdictions.

Connect with our specialized workplace accident lawyers

Contact us at LegalAbroad for professional, empathetic, and specialized assistance in navigating the complex realm of cross-border litigation. Trust us to serve as your trusted ally in seeking justice and compensation for accidents and work-related illnesses that occur overseas.

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