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Working in a foreign country for a limited or long-term period of time is increasingly common. France, Spain, Italy and Greece host more and more foreign professionals and workers, among others in the health, construction, maritime industries, but also increasingly in the tourism and holidays sector. Contact our specialized workplace accident lawyers.

Understanding and navigating the complexities of the legal environment after suffering a work-related accident abroad can be a challenging and overwhelming task. When facing language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliar legal systems, the process for claiming compensation and justice can seem like an impossible maze to solve. However, it is crucial to remember that workers have rights, regardless of where in the world the accident occurs.

A work-related accident abroad is considered any incident that occurs during the performance of an employee’s work tasks outside their country of origin, resulting in injury, illness, or even death. These accidents can happen in different contexts, such as during a business trip, on a temporary assignment in another country, or while working for an international company outside the employee’s country of residence.

Each country has its own laws and procedures for handling work-related accidents, which includes differences in the types of compensations available, deadlines for filing claims, and specific rights of workers. Our experience as lawyers specializing in work-related accidents abroad allows us to provide our clients with effective legal representation, tailored to the specificities of each jurisdiction.

Work Accident Lawyers Abroad

If you have suffered a work-related accident while working abroad, it is crucial to act quickly and seek expert legal advice. Our team of experienced lawyers is committed to defending your interests and helping you navigate the legal process with confidence.


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Types of Work-Related Accidents Abroad

Working abroad presents a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth. However, it also introduces a number of additional risks and challenges, especially when it comes to workplace safety.

  • Traffic Accidents They are common among employees who travel for work or those whose tasks involve driving vehicles abroad. Differences in traffic rules, road conditions, and the use of unfamiliar vehicles can increase the risk of accidents.
  • Fall Injuries: Falls can occur in any workplace, from offices to construction sites, to manufacturing facilities. Abroad, familiarity with the environment and local safety standards can influence the risk of falls.
  • Accidents Involving Machinery or Equipment: The use of heavy machinery, industrial equipment, or tools in settings such as factories, construction sites, or agricultural facilities can lead to accidents, especially if there are differences in safety standards or in the training provided.
  • Exposure to Hazardous Substances: Exposure to chemicals, radiation, asbestos, and other hazardous materials can cause diseases and injuries. Safety standards and regulations vary between countries, which can affect the level of risk.
  • Injuries from Overexertion: Lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects can cause injuries from overexertion, especially if the worker has not received adequate training to perform these tasks safely or if safety regulations are different.
  • Accidents in Hotels or Accommodations: For those traveling for work, accidents can also occur in hotels or temporary lodging, such as falls in the bathroom, injuries in recreational facilities, or food safety issues.
  • Foodborne or Waterborne Diseases: On international trips, diseases transmitted through contaminated food or water are a common risk that can be considered a work-related accident if it affects the worker’s ability to perform their duties.
  • Infectious Diseases and Pandemics: Exposure to infectious diseases, especially in regions with active outbreaks or less accessible medical care, is a significant risk for workers abroad.

Criteria for Identifying Work-Related Accidents Abroad

When a work-related accident occurs outside the employee’s country of origin, there arises a need to understand how such an incident is defined and legally handled.

Determining what constitutes a work-related accident abroad is essential for both employers and employees, as it sets the foundation for the protection of worker rights and access to appropriate compensations.

The Nature of Work

The accident must be directly related to the assigned work tasks or the employee’s responsibilities. This includes accidents that occur at the physical workplace or any other place where the employee is performing work-related activities.

The Employment Relationship

There must be a formal employment relationship between the employee and the employer, which implies that the accident occurs while the employee is acting under the orders or instructions of the employer, even if this happens in another country.

The Time of the Incident

The accident must occur during working hours or in the course of work-related activities. However, incidents that happen during work trips, business meetings outside the usual workplace, or even in certain cases, on the journey to or from the workplace abroad, can also be considered work-related accidents.

Geographical Location Does Not Exclude Coverage

Even if the accident occurs outside the employee’s country of origin, it can be considered a work-related accident if it meets the above criteria. It is important to note that the specific laws and regulations that apply can vary significantly from one country to another and can influence the determination of insurance coverage, worker rights, and available compensations.

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International Work Accidents: Legal Advice and Protection

As experts in international work accidents, we deeply understand the importance of prevention as a primary method of protection. Therefore, we are dedicated to working closely with companies to ensure they provide adequate training on occupational safety and health to their employees, no matter where they are located.

Professional Services as Experts in Work Accident Cases

Work accidents abroad require significant coordination between different jurisdictions and legal entities. At Legal Abroad, with our extensive experience in the international field of work accidents, we facilitate this coordination, in addition to ensuring that documentation and legal procedures are handled correctly and without unnecessary delays.

Our commitment is to provide expert and compassionate legal support, ensuring that workers injured abroad not only receive the compensation they deserve but also respect and dignity throughout the legal process.

Below we show our process when claiming compensation for suffering a work accident abroad:

1. Comprehensive Legal Advice

We provide detailed and personalized legal advice on workers’ rights and the laws applicable in the country where the accident occurred. This includes guidance on the legal procedures necessary to initiate claims for international work accidents.

2. Case Evaluation and Litigation Strategies

We analyze each case individually to determine the best legal strategy to follow. This may involve preparing for litigation in foreign courts or seeking alternative solutions, such as mediation or arbitration.

3. Representation in Negotiations

We offer expert representation in negotiations with employers, insurance companies, and other involved parties, to ensure fair compensation covering medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

4. International Coordination

We handle the coordination between different jurisdictions and legal systems to facilitate the claim process. This includes managing legal documentation and collaboration with local lawyers if necessary.

5. Assistance in Evidence Collection

We assist in the collection and organization of crucial evidence to support the case, including medical reports, witness statements, and documentation related to employment and the accident.

6. Support in Work Accident Compensation Processes

We guide our clients through the process of claiming compensation for work accidents, ensuring they understand their rights and the options available for compensation recovery.

7. Translation and Linguistic Assistance

We provide assistance in translating legal documents and communicating with involved parties who speak other languages, ensuring there are no language barriers that prevent justice.

8. Continuous Support and Case Tracking

We keep our clients informed about the progress of their case at every step of the process and offer continuous support to resolve any concerns or questions they may have.

Legal Abroad: Experts in Claiming Compensation for Work Accidents Abroad

Have you suffered a work accident while working abroad? At Legal Abroad, we have years of experience and a dedicated team of lawyers specialized in international work accidents. We stand out for our ability to handle complex cases across borders, offering customized solutions that are tailored to the specifics of your situation.

Choosing us means opting for a legal ally who understands the complexities of international work accidents and is dedicated to achieving the results you need and deserve.

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