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Our team of experienced european lawyers specializes in cross-border litigation.

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Are you a victim?

If you've been involved in an accident or are facing a legal issue in France, Italy, Spain, or Greece, you can reach out to us with confidence and without any obligation. For more detailed information, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We will diligently gather all the necessary information to evaluate the viability of your case. This initial assessment is entirely free of charge. If your case holds promise, we will then provide a transparent and comprehensive quote for our services, tailored to your specific situation, aimed at achieving a successful resolution.

Are you a Law Professional?

Are you managing a case with potential jurisdiction in Spain, France, Italy, or Greece? We invite you to engage with us for an in-depth discussion about your case, completely obligation-free.

We offer the opportunity to become our co-counsel, working closely together to achieve the best possible outcome. Open to the negotiation of a referral fee and other mutually beneficial arrangements. Our team of experienced attorneys specializes in cross-border litigation, ensuring seamless navigation of legal systems.

Your European Lawyers

Legal Abroad is a platform of European Law Firms specializing in plaintiff cross-border litigation.

We provide an integral counseling and assistance service to foreign Law Firms, Legal protection Insurances companies, Legal Aid Services, AB, etc, in order to assist and represent victims of accidents occurred in our jurisdictions whilst on holidays or on business trips.

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European offices


BCVLex Avocats - Abogados, 2 rue des Trois Conils, 33000, Bordeaux, France


Studio Legale Associato Bona, Oliva e Associati Via Giannone 1, 10121, Turin, Italy


BCVLex Abogados Velázquez 34, planta 6, oficina 601, 28001, Madrid, Spain


Pavlakis-Moschos Law Firm, 66 Filonos str, Piraeus, 18535, Greece

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