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Lawyers for litigate claims of a Foreign Country

Litigating the claims of an individual or a group of individuals in the courts of the country where the damaging incident took place may be the choice and decision of the claimants and/or their local lawyers for several reasons, both legal and factual.

Legal Abroad: Lawyers for litigate claims of a Foreign Country

For instance, it might be that one judicial system presents a more favorable environment with law and procedure that may enable the achievement of quicker results, less costs, higher expected awards or which may be convenient for the claimant.

LegalAbroad can offer expert assistance in providing the necessary advice that will enable the victim and his domestic lawyer to obtain full knowledge and evaluate the factors in order to determine whether to pursue litigation in the claimant’s domestic courts or in the country abroad where the damaging incident that gives rise to the claim occurred.

Furthermore and importantly, LegalAbroad provides full legal services and representation to the victim, when it is decided that the claim is to be pursued in one of our countries, where the accident took place.

LegalAbroad members are specialized in plaintiff litigation and have leading positions in their respective countries as personal injury lawyers and their active participation in local and international professional networks enables them to extend their actions to district courts in their own country and to foreign jurisdictions.

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