Legal Abroad

Professional advice to foreign lawyers

In cross-border litigation an extensive and reliable knowledge of foreign laws is strictly essential: it enables victims and their domestic lawyers to take the right decisions and create the ideal strategies for their cases.

Legal Abroad: Professional advice to foreign lawyers

We regularly advise foreign lawyers and clients in relation to our domestic laws.

In particular, we provide the following services:

  • Reports on our national compensation and insurance systems
  • Advice on claims’ likely prospects of success if pursued in our jurisdictions
  • Assessments of general and special damages under our national standards; this may also involve local reliable medical experts whenever this is required by the circumstances of the case (in some of our jurisdictions certain heads of damages are assessed by combining judicial tariffs with medico-legal assessments expressed in percentage points of impairment calculated accordingly to specific medical scales)
  • Assistance in dealing with choices concerning jurisdiction and applicable law
  • Advice on enforcement proceedings in our jurisdictions
  • Our goal is to enable our clients to make the best choice and provide them with all relevant information on our domestic jurisdictions.

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