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Pavlakis-Moschos & Associates (P&M) is a law firm with offices in Piraeus, Greece, and maintains close cooperation with law firms and lawyers in all cities and court districts in Greece and in most jurisdictions globally. P&M and its members participate in international professional networks and legal organizations.

P&M specializes and concentrates on pursuing plaintiff litigation, representing victims and claimants of individual or multi-person incidents including road traffic, maritime, train or aviation accidents, personal injury at work whether at sea or at shore.

They further act for victims and claimants from defective products or services, including services provided by tourist and holidays enterprises, medical and general professional malpractice, defective pharmaceutical products and devices.

Apart from undertaking and handling such cases in all Greek local courts and jurisdictions, P&M are possibly the most specialized and experienced law firm in Greece in dealing with complex private international law issues that often arise in cross – border plaintiff incidents and litigation.

P&M, as the other members of Legal Abroad, is expertly advising and counseling foreign law firms, providing at a frequent basis legal opinions on local law and procedural matters, including access to evidence, protection of claim rights, legal representation, legal advice and opinions.

European offices


BCVLex Avocats - Abogados, 2 rue des Trois Conils, 33000, Bordeaux, France


Studio Legale Associato Bona, Oliva e Associati Via Giannone 1, 10121, Turin, Italy


BCVLex Abogados Velázquez 34, planta 6, oficina 601, 28001, Madrid, Spain


Pavlakis-Moschos & Associates Law Firm, 66 Filonos str, Piraeus, 18535, Greece

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