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Find a lawyer to provide expert guidance in our jurisdictions

It is certain that if you are looking for an expert-reliable personal injury lawyer in our jurisdictions, you will find the right one among our Law Firms.

However, LegalAbroad may also become of great assistance to your cross-border cases outside the area of personal injury litigation.

In particular, within LegalAbroad Law Firms there are also lawyers specializing in areas of law other than personal injury litigation, as for example civil and commercial disputes, employment law, maritime law, intellectual property, etc. You can find out more about LegalAbroad Law Firms’ other practice areas on their respective websites.

Moreover, LegalAbroad Law Firms participate in professional networks in their own countries and internationally and have established relationships and contacts with law firms and lawyers in all districts of their home country and in most jurisdictions abroad.

In the event you require legal services which for some reason cannot be provided by the LegalAbroad members themselves, they will be in the position to dependably advise, recommend and refer you to the most suited lawyer for your case.

Such necessity may arise for the handling of special civil, commercial, employment, criminal, or administrative matters or aspects of a case or when actions in a specific local area are required.

European offices


BCVLex Avocats - Abogados, 2 rue des Trois Conils, 33000, Bordeaux, France


Studio Legale Associato Bona, Oliva e Associati Via Giannone 1, 10121, Turin, Italy


BCVLex Abogados Velázquez 34, planta 6, oficina 601, 28001, Madrid, Spain


Pavlakis-Moschos Law Firm, 66 Filonos str, Piraeus, 18535, Greece

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