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Collective transportation accidents usually involve the application of international conventions in relation to liability and damages, like the Athens Convention for maritime accidents.

Legal Abroad: Specializing in Maritime Accident Litigation Across Europe

At Legal Abroad, we specialize in plaintiff cross-border litigation, handling the complexities that come with international maritime incidents. We’re a platform of esteemed European law firms with a solid foothold in Spain, France, Greece, and Italy. Our prime focus? Offering comprehensive assistance and representation to victims of accidents, whether they occur while on holidays or on business trips. Our specialty? Maritime accidents that happen at sea, involving boats or other sea vessels.

Unraveling the Complexity of Cross-Border Maritime Laws

Our specialty lies in understanding the intricacies of European laws that regulate accidents in international waters. It’s a complex landscape, combining and sometimes conflicting with international treaties and European regulations and directives meant to protect consumers and passengers. Navigating through these laws can be challenging, especially considering the unique procedures in each jurisdiction, from cause investigation and criminal liabilities to damages evaluation.

However, Legal Abroad is seasoned in dealing with the intricacies that come with international maritime laws. Our experience enables us to identify and untangle the most complex knots in cross-border litigation.

Expertise in Maritime Accident Cases

An accident at sea can often be complicated by multiple factors. There may be instances where a party other than the carrier is liable. This can further escalate the complexity of the case, making it harder for victims to get the justice they deserve.

Our members at Legal Abroad are experts in litigating international collective transportation cases. We have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of maritime accidents, whether it involves ferries, cruise ships, yachts, or fishing vessels.

Partnering With Local Counsel to Assist Victims

One of our distinguishing strengths is the ability to assist victims directly or through their legal counsels. Legal Abroad’s professionals have a robust understanding of local procedural law in Spain, France, Greece, and Italy. This enables us to work closely with local counsels and provide the best possible service to our clients, regardless of where the accident occurred.

Our team’s commitment to supporting victims doesn’t end at offering representation. We go above and beyond to ensure that we thoroughly investigate the causes of an accident, pursue any possible criminal liabilities, and properly evaluate the damages incurred.

Upholding Consumer and Passenger Rights

As a platform of legal experts specializing in cross-border litigation, Legal Abroad is committed to ensuring that your rights as a consumer and a passenger are upheld, especially in cases of maritime accidents. We are well-versed in European regulations and directives that protect these rights, and we work relentlessly to ensure these rights are not violated.

Legal Abroad: Your Maritime Accident Lawyer

Navigating through the stormy seas of maritime litigation can be daunting. Legal Abroad is here to offer you a steady hand and guide you towards achieving justice. With our expertise in maritime accident cases and deep knowledge of cross-border legal issues, you can trust us to provide you with the best possible representation.

Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a boat accident while on holiday or managing the legal repercussions of a sea incident during a business trip, Legal Abroad stands ready to assist. With our widespread presence in Spain, France, Greece, and Italy, we can assure you that your case will be handled by professionals familiar with local laws and proceedings. Trust us to navigate your maritime litigation and let us help you chart a course towards justice.

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