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LegalAbroad is a platform of European Law Firms specializing in cross-border personal injury litigation.

LegalAbroad is a platform of European Law Firms specializing in cross-border personal injury litigation





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In our countries we assist and represent victims of all kinds of human-intervention events, such as road traffic and collective transportation accidents, holiday & sports accidents, defective products, medical and pharmaceutical negligence, workplace accidents, and others. Other areas are also covered.

We have decided to join our resources to provide an integral counseling and assistance service to foreign Law Firms, Legal Protection Insurance companies, Legal Aid Services, Alternative Business Structures, Claims Management Companies, Embassies, etc. in relation to all sorts of accidents occurred to foreign victims whilst visiting one of our jurisdictions during holidays or for business purposes.

Our combined resources allow us to facilitate legal services in several European countries, including France, Greece, Italy and Spain. Other countries will soon join.

Evidence collection, participation in local investigations, legal representation in proceedings, legal advice on our domestic laws as well as E.U., ECHR and private international law, delivery of expert reports and affidavits to produce in Court, are some of the activities we conduct in LegalAbroad.

LegalAbroad is compromised with an international approach to legal issues: among its founders there are members who belong to different transnational organizations, such as GJN, Peopil, AAJ, APIL and others.

All firms belonging to LegalAbroad are insured against professional liability.



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